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Online Marketing

Our online marketing solutions can help your company grow and reach new markets. The Internet has become a very important marketing tool. More and more companies are advertising their products and services on the Net. A website offers you the opportunity to market yourself on a global scale, decrease expenses, and increase profits. Simplicity has the expertise in affiliate marketing and pay-per-click media campaign consulting to boost your product or service driven marketing campaign.

Affiliate Marketing

Simplicity's affiliate tracking technology is a leading technology in performance-based online marketing. This new technology provides advanced solutions that facilitate strategic online relationships between advertisers and publishers, and drive measurable results for each client.

Simplicity Group's affiliate tracking technology manages an extensive network of leading online advertisers and major publisher sites. By publishing performance metrics on these advertisers and publishers, and on the ads within its marketplace, and by leveraging its own expertise in online marketing, Simplicity Group's tracking technology creates an open marketplace of low risk and high reward for its clients. The best part about this type of advertising is clients only pay for actual results. In addition, we allow clients to set the price they are willing to pay for advertising and the ability to monitor the performance of their ads, putting them in complete control of adjusting their campaigns.

Through this tool we serve millions of impressions monthly within one of the largest ad networks on the Internet.


Consumers are 12 times more likely to purchase your products or services after finding your Website through a search engine than through all other online marketing programs combined! Pay per click advertising puts your business in front of online customers looking to buy. In fact, 71% of consumers start their Internet visit at a search engine. Simplicity can help you develop a strategy to attract customers looking for your specific type of business. We have what it takes to get your business more targeted traffic and rank higher.

At Simplicity, we strive to communicate your web presence in a highly interactive, functional, and creative manner that is unique to you and your business. We understand the importance of establishing a compelling web experience today to create consumer interest, to reach new markets, to improve customer relations, and to increase your profits tomorrow. Whether you require a concise or a comprehensive web strategy, Simplicity’s online marketing solutions provides the means to take you there. Our team of marketing consultants offers you immediate access to proven techniques that have driven successful campaigns for some of the largest brands worldwide.

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