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Business Solutions

Simplicity Group, LLC and Simplicity Technologies were created with the vision of providing simple web development and eCommerce solutions for both small and large businesses. These solutions have continued to evolve since 2001, into a variety of products and solutions meeting the needs and demands of literally thousands of businesses and millions of customers.

Simplicity Group delivers winning solutions that inspire and improve the way our clients and partners do business. By leveraging our more than 3,000 partner relationships and through the use of our technology solutions, Simplicity offers financially rewarding opportunities to those who want to build their online business or create a profitable loyalty-based rewards program.

We take pride in having the ability to customize our solutions to suit your business needs. That is why whether you’re an individual, existing business, or organization looking to create a new stream of online revenue, Simplicity has a solution for you. In fact, we believe the majority of our clients choose Simplicity solutions because of the flexibility they provide.

With the ability to customize our proprietary technology to so many different business needs, we have assisted thousands of clients in building their online businesses.