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Rebate Toolbar

New Simplx Time Saving Toolbar -- Looking For Beta Test Group

SRINGVILLE, UTAH -- September 18, 2007 -- Simplicity Group announces the development of the Rebate Toolbar for Simplx clients. We at Simplicity Group are extremely excited about the new Rebate Toolbar, currently in development and undergoing an alpha test phase. The toolbar allows Simplx users to visit merchant websites directly without having to log into their Simplx account and ensures the purchase is accurately tracked and Simplx account is credited appropriately.

We believe the biggest benefit to Simplx users, from using the Rebate Toolbar, will initially be saving time during the research and drop ship fulfillment process of the products. Initial alpha tests indicate time savings of 20%. The toolbar also provides the benefit of uncovering merchants that belong to the Simplx network and qualify for a commission. The toolbar dynamically displays this information, while surfing the net. Currently, the toolbar displays the user account you are logged in as, your account balance, commission percent on the website the browser is currently looking at (it supports tabbed browsing), and additional available discounts or coupon codes. A later feature that we are excited about is live price comparison of products available for drop shipment within the Simplx network, while sorting results by lowest CTD (cost to door). We estimate that this feature will save as much as 80% of the time Simplx users currently spend in researching products to sell.

The toolbar will be released initially to a beta test group of users with a FireFox browser and followed by a beta release for Internet Explorer browser users.