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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simplicity Group?

Simplicity Group is a consulting practice specializing in customer loyalty strategies and solutions. Our loyalty solutions will:

  1. Increase loyalty with your existing and prospective customers
  2. Increase bottom line revenue for your company
  3. Provide more efficient and cost effective communication with your customers

We develop loyalty strategy for both online and offline marketing, but we’re best known for our e-loyalty work. Whether you are starting a customer loyalty program, enhancing an existing program, or simply want to increase loyalty to your website; you will value our recommendations because they are based on years of loyalty marketing experience and are ALWAYS driven by return on investment. So while we are frequently applauded for our creative program designs, executives value the rigorous forecasting and measurements we develop for every program.

What services does Simplicity Group provide?

These are some of the services we provide:

  • Conduct e-loyalty audit and identified why return rates were low
  • Design a formalized customer loyalty program to increase sales
  • Calculate value of customer segments and appropriate reward budget
  • Conduct research to identify best loyalty program concept
  • Identify loyalty drivers for high-value customers
  • Create strategy for identifying high-value customers
  • Develop personalization strategy to increase web usage
  • Increase offline loyalty program usage via online program features
  • Create new customer-manufacturer relationship
  • Develop a partnership marketing plan with sales/negotiation strategies
  • Complete audit and evaluation of competitors' e-loyalty initiatives
  • Determine the ROI on an Internet division's initiatives

Where is Simplicity Group’s Headquarters?

2250 West Center Street
Springville, UT 84663

If you have any additional questions, visit our contact page to send us your inquiry.