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Simplicity Group is the official eCommerce platform provider for has partnered with Simplicity group to take advantage of their expertise in eCommerce solutions and to showcase its product offering. Through its unique relationship with TruePlayers, Simplicity Group has developed a way of offering customized and standard TruePlayers apparel through private labeled websites. With a portion of the profits going to the private labeled organization, this makes for a great fundraising opportunity for schools and other professional associations.

Simplicity Group has partnered with Doman Enterprises to form, LLC. is a video distribution and social networking website focused on youth athletics. The site allows members to enter the TruePlayer’s contest by uploading their favorite video clip from youth sporting events and having others vote for their favorite clip. The site also allows members to notify those within their social networking group when they have uploaded a video clip for them to view. The website is currently in beta testing and is scheduled to be launched the summer of 2008.