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Consumer Loyalty Technologies

For over four years, Simplicity Group has successfully provided loyalty solutions for organizations to increase consumer loyalty and retention, facilitate communication, and increase bottom line revenue through unprecedented and proprietary software developed by iRebate Technologies. iRebate Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Simplicity Management Group, LLC of Utah. The iRebate Consumer Loyalty Software can be best demonstrated through a Simplicity Group owned, flagship, private labeled website that has been independently rated by in the top half of 1% of all websites on the internet in regards to popularity, traffic, and use. This site can be experienced at

A powerful, 3-minute demonstration can also be viewed at to demonstrate how we will be able to assist your organization.

iRebate provides an opportunity for internet entrepreneurs to become a joint venture partner with the largest internet retailers and iRebate through the MallShare concept. You can learn more about MallShare at