Simple solutions for a growing future.


Aaron Davies Director of Sales Training

Aaron Davies joined Simplicity Group in 2004 and has been a leader for the Simplicity sales floor. He is pursuing a degree in business from Dixie College and is expected to graduate in 2010. Aaron's extensive experience working in sales make him a valued asset for Simplicity and he is currently specializing in sales training.

Riley Griffin Director of Business Coaching

Riley Griffin joined Simplicity Group in January 2007 as an eBay Powerseller Trainer. Riley is currently pursuing a dual Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and Economics from Brigham Young University. Riley has also held Account Management positions with Simplicity Group. Riley continues to be a valued asset of Simplicity Group as the Head of Business Coaching.

Cooper Corless Internal Sales Manager

Cooper Corless joined Simplicity Group in 2007 and has been in sales and sales management for over four years. He has risen to the top of every company that has recruited him for his sales expertise. Cooper has enjoyed growing with Simplicity Group for the past two years and looks forward to many more. Cooper's extensive skills with selling make him a valued asset of Simplicity Group.