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Corporate Management

Amanda Jensen Accounts & Office Manager

Amanda Jensen joined Simplicity Group in April 2009. She graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho with a Bachelors degree in Business Management. She performed an internship with the Disney corporation in Orlando, Florida in 2008. With the experience and knowledge gained from her internship and from obtaining a business degree, she is a valued asset of Simplicy Group.

Brian G. Farr Managing Director, 2Go Entertainment

Brian joined Simplicity Group at the fall of 2007 when the company he co-owned,, LLC., was acquired by Simplicity Group. He is now one of two Managing Directors of the new 2go Entertainment division at Simplicity Group. Brian graduated from Arizona State University with his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He also completed a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Arizona State University in 2009. He has worked for United States Senators and Congressmen and helped many other politicians run for office in Arizona. Brian is trained in technical writing administration.

Carly Shimmin Customer Service Manager

Carly Shimmin joined Simplicity Group in April 2008. She originally began as the company receptionist and has since been promoted to Customer Service Manager. With her hard work and knowledge of the company, Carly is a valued asset of Simplicity Group.

Henry P. Ferreyra Division Manager, 2Go Entertainment

Henry joined Simplicity Group the fall of 2007 when the company he founded,, LLC., was acquired by Simplicity Group. He now directs and manages the new 2go Entertainment marketing division at Simplicity Group. With a Bachelors degree in Business Management and 9 years of sales and marketing experience, Henry brings the same valuable experience that helped him run his own successful company to this new division. As Division Manager of, Henry helped lay the foundation to provide a retail platform for easy and accessible video downloads. His excitement, vision, and passion for video technology, along with his background in web design and management, will help the Simplicity Group team promote video download solutions and develop new ways to provide video content for public use.

Sean Howard Operations Manager

Sean joined Simplicity Group the fall of 2007 when the company he worked for,, LLC., was acquired by Simplicity Group. Sean has since moved into several different roles with Simplicity, and has become a leader for the company. As Operations Manager, Sean oversees the development and direction of many departments, including RewardTrak, Merchant Relations, Customer Service, Business Coaching, and Human Resources. In these many different departments, Sean deals with establishing successful merchant relationships, improving customer satisfaction, building the RewardTrak Affiliate Marketing Network, and handling many of the day to day business operations. With his strong work ethic, skill set, and desire to help Simplicity grow, Sean is a welcomed asset to the Simplicity Group team. Sean is currently pursuing a business degree at Brigham Young University, and will graduate in 2010.