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Corporate Overview

Simplicity is a leading web-based technology solutions company that provides complete front and back end technology to do business on the Internet.

Our Story

Our company originated in 2001 with co-founders Matt Schneck's and Adam Wilkinson's decision to provide individuals and businesses, from a wide range of market segments, a successful rewards program solution and true value in shopping on the Internet. Located in Springville, Utah, the company called Simplicity Group was officially organized in January 2002 when the company began creating a rewards program designed specifically for ecommerce. This process of creating a rewards program has inherently led us to establishing relationships with numerous companies all over the world. Today, Simplicity Group continues to develop new web-based solutions that help to meet the ever changing needs of our prospective and existing customers.

Simplicity Brands


iRebates brings the benefits of a fully customizable technology to those who are looking to create an online rewards program.


Simplx offers a turnkey drop ship service through which business owners can sell over 60 million products on eBay® or their own eCommerce websites.


RewardTrak is a leading affiliate marketing network, which provides merchants with exclusive access to the iRebates network of publishers.


Simplicity Group is the official eCommerce platform provider for

2Go Entertainment

2Go Entertainment, division of Simplicity Group, is focused on the development and integration of digital media technology into loyalty based solutions.